Seed to Centerpiece Floral Design for events of all sizes.  Nestled in the White Mountain of New Hampshire.


Our flowers tell a story

We are here to make your floral dreams a reality.

Full Service


We take on a limited number of full service weddings from June to November.  We work with you to create a design plan that maximizes your budget and enhances the areas of your wedding important to you.  Learn more about our process, set up, rentals and minimums

... a dream come true...

—  Basak, 2022 BRIDE

Smaller Weddings and 


It's important that our flowers are accessible to everyone regardless of wedding size and budget.  We can accommodate smaller weddings, elopements orders and DIY flower buckets throughout the growing season.  We just ask that flowers be picked up at our farm in Bethlehem, NH.  Everything will be packed for safe transport to your venue.  There's a lot we can do! Personal flowers, blooms for bud vases, small table arrangements, portable arbor pieces, and more! Fill out the inquiry form below to start the process of creating a design plan for your big day!

Please Reach out to inquire about the following services

Full Service Weddings

These have our heart.  We are able to execute high end designs, custom installations and artistic arrangements. Florals are delivered and set up at your venue.

Small Event Orders

Still beautiful and designed for your needs, just more simple!  Pick up at our farm and we can accommodate orders of all sizes.

DIY Flower Buckets

For savvy couples.  Buckets orders are available during peak growing season.  Many couples choose a combination of Mt.Roots bouquets (for bridal, boutonnieres, etc.) and buckets for DIY centerpieces.

What feeling do you want your wedding to evoke?...

I always ask my prospective clients to imagine the vibe, palette and style they are drawn to when thinking about their wedding flowers.  I create floral designs based on a combination of which flowers are in season, and client's inspiration.  Flowers are harvested fresh from the field that week. 

Designs are organic, full of interesting blooms and textures, and weave together the story of your day.